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Why has today's sync not completed?

This article is relevant only to administrators of Platinum schools

Rarely, you may notice that data hasn't synchronised correctly between Mega Seating Plan and your school's MIS. A common reason for this is detailed below:

A teacher's email address is incorrect in your MIS, so Mega Seating Plan creates an (unusable) account with this incorrect email address.
The teacher in question manually creates their own account on Mega Seating Plan with the correct email address. This account will not be synchronised because it does not match an address on your MIS.
The email address is then corrected on your MIS.
Mega Seating Plan attempts to synchronise, but now there is a clash between the two accounts and this prevents the synchronisation from completing.

In many cases, this conflict is automatically resolved by the synchronisation script by deleting one of the accounts. However, if both accounts have been accessed it will consider it unsafe to delete either, so this must be done manually. Please contact to get this resolved.

tl;dr: Contact support to get it fixed!

Updated on: 16/02/2023

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