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How do I automatically colour code my students?

To follow the instructions on this page, you must be an administrator at a school with a Platinum or Gold subscription

You can set up automatic colour codes at a whole school level. This applies colour codes to specific fields on seating plans. For example, here we've set colour codes to highlight when a student's PP field is 'Y', EAL field is 'Y' or SEN field is 'M':

Automatic colour coding example

When viewing a seating plan, users can also choose to highlight a seat based on the colour code of a particular field. For example, here the seats are being highlighted based on the pupil premium field.

Full seat colour code menu

Full seat colour codes

How to set up automatic colour coding for your school

On the admin panel, select the 'Colour code' tab.
Colour code tab icon
Scroll to the field you would like to colour code.
Click either of the buttons to add a new rule. 'Simple' rules allow you to compare a field to a fixed value, wheras 'comparison' rules allow you to compare it to the value of another field.

Select the operator (equals, greater than etc) and enter a value/field to compare with. Finally, select a colour.

Note: When comparing two fields with letters in them (for example letter grades), A is considered to be greater than B.

Updated on: 29/07/2021

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