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How do I upload whole school data with my Gold subscription?

These instructions are relevant only to schools with a Gold subscription. To follow these instructions, you will need to be set as an administrator for your school.

Data can be uploaded for your school via two methods: CSV uploads or API POSTs.

Click the 'Gold Admin' button on the top toolbar and ensure the 'Imports' tab is selected.
In the panel labelled 'Data field headings', you can set the titles you wish to give to the fields you will be importing. You can import a maximum of five generic fields (which contain the same data for each student, regardless of which class group they are in) and three subject-specific fields (which contain data for that student specific to the class group they are in).

CSV Uploads

Below this are four sections for uploading your data as CSVs. Each section details which fields are required/optional.
Click the Import button in each section to open a pop-up FlatFile modal. Follow the on-screen prompts to import your data from a CSV file, mapping columns to the expected fields.

After attaching all required CSV files, click the 'Upload data' button on the right hand side of the screen.
You can monitor the progress of the upload in the 'Upload progress' section. This updates every 10 seconds.

API Uploads

Click on the 'API key' tab to generate an API key for your school. It is important that this key is stored securely; if in doubt, regenerate the key to prevent access with an old key.
Follow the API documentation here which details how to authenticate your API call and how to format your data into a single JSON object for POSTing to the API.
You can monitor the status of your upload via the API documented here.

Updated on: 12/01/2022

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