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How do I sort by grades?

Mega Seating Plan allows you to sort your students either by their target grade or their current grade

In order for these settings to be available to you, you must first have columns called "Target grade" and/or "Current grade"*, otherwise Mega Seating Plan will not know which columns contain grade data.

To enable the sorting, click the 'Rearrange' button on the sidebar, select 'Arrange students by grades', then choose whether you wish to use their current or target grade. Mega Seating Plan will try to intelligently identify the correct order of grades, but if this is not correct you can drag and drop the grades to sort from highest to lowest.

Finally, choose whether you want to group grades together (i.e. all the A students will sit together, all the C students together etc) or alternate them (for example, an A student will sit next to a D student, a C student next to a B student and so on). Click 'Regenerate seating plan' when you're happy with the settings.

(* Actually, there are a few key words that will identify a column as containing grades. These are "current" and "working" for the 'Current grade' column and "target", "FFT" and "ALPS" for the 'Target grade' column.)

Updated on: 16/02/2023

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