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How do I import a new class?

Teachers at schools with a whole-school subscription should ignore this guide. Your classes are synchronised with your school's database.

The easiest method is to follow the tutorial that will automatically run if you haven't yet imported any classes.

From the home page click 'Import new class'.

Give your class a name and enter a subject.

All classes must have an expiry date, after which it will be deleted. This defaults to one year from today, but feel free to change it by clicking on the date and selecting a new one from the pop up. Find out more here: Why does my class/seating plan have an expiry date?

Copy and paste the data from a spreadsheet (such as Microsoft Excel) directly into this area by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-V (or Cmd-V on a Mac):

The box will automatically expand to accommodate your data. Now press Next.

Mega Seating Plan has tidied up your data and attempted to intelligently match your data to the correct columns. If the first line of your pasted data included headings or titles, make sure this box is ticked.

Now, move along the table of imported data, selecting appropriate headings for each column. Feel free to create your own custom label by choosing '-- Custom header --' and typing into the box. If your table is particularly large, you may need to use the scrollbar at the bottom to scroll across.

You must have one column called 'First name' and you cannot have more than eight data columns (this limit excludes 'First name', 'Surname', 'Form' and 'Gender').

Click 'Import class' to finish.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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