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How do I create a new room?

The easiest way to create a new classroom is to follow the tutorial that will appear if you haven't created one yet

Click 'Create new room' on the home page or on the top menu, go to Rooms -> Create new room.

Give your room a name.

In the box, click to add a seat, click again to remove the seat, and drag/drop to move seats around. The counter at the top will let you know how many seats are in your classroom. Each seat can accommodate one student. Don't worry if your classroom doesn't fill the space available: empty space will be trimmed automatically.

Rather than thinking of each seat as an individual student desk, think of it is as a position that a student can sit at: it doesn't matter which way the student is facing. You can form nearly any shape of desk by adding seats to the correct positions.

To add decorations (such as whiteboards, doors or sinks) or circular desks, right click and select from the context menu.

When you're happy with your layout, click 'Create classroom'.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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